Nina Olsson

Nina Olsson is a Swedish professional chef, with her heart in the traditional Swedish cuisine.

Nina studied Cooking and Gastronomy I Ostersjoskolan in Karlskrona and Ester Mossessons Gymnasium in Gothenburg. For many years she worked as a chef and chef de cuisine in various restaurants in Sweden.

In 2010, at 28 years old, Nina moved to Barcelona and opened her own restaurant and Swedish store, Pappa Sven (the name of her father). In her restaurant in Barcelona, Nina has offered both modern Swedish cuisine, and the traditional dishes of her grandmother.

Nina has participated in cooking shows, cooking Swedish food, on the television channel Canal Cocina, in Spain and Latin America, with her own tv-series with 22 tv-shows about Nordic cooking. She has also showcased the Swedish cuisine at various events, cooking shows and Spanish.

The most recent project of Nina is her own brand of Swedish designed kitchen products, by Nina Olsson.